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  • How can I connect to chat?

    To connect to the chat Just enter your nickname and password, if any, in the login section on the right side of the main page and press the "start chat" button.

  • How can I connect with the program without using a browser?

    You can connect to the chat via the program by downloading the program we call mIRC, which has been specially developed and translated into Turkish.

  • Do I have to pay to use the chat service?

    No, the service we offer is completely free and no fees are required.

  • Is there an age restriction for connecting rooms?

    Certainly. Users under the age of 18 are prohibited from participating in the chat, as minors can be abused. If detected, they will be removed from the chat service.

  • Someone is sharing my personal information, what should I do?

    When you witness such a situation or get information about it, enter the #OPERHELP channel and report the situation to the server authorities. We also recommend that you take legal action, as this tendency of obsessed people is repetitive. As the site administration, we share information about the user who committed this crime when information requests are received from the judicial authorities.

  • What does Opera and Admin mean?

    In the chat service, authorizations are layer by layer. A user is defined for people who are in the chat without any authorization. While the concept of OP is used for those who are authorized in any chat room, the titles of oper are used for those who have authority throughout the entire server, and the titles of admin are used for those with higher access. In short, these people are server administrators and have extensive authority.

  • My nick(nickname) was stolen, how can I get it back?

    You can log in to the #OPERHELP channel, which was created for you to receive support from the server administrators, and explain your situation. If you do some checks and give the correct answers that will show you are the real owner, your stolen nick will be returned.

  • What are the rules to follow for chatting?

    In general, our priority is to keep the chat order and decency intact. Dialogues such as insults, swearing, politics, terrorist propaganda, language/religion/racial discrimination are strictly prohibited. When you connect to the chat service, you can apply the /rules command to list all the rules and try to be familiar with each one. Please note that we reserve the right to remove users who do not comply with the rules from the server.

  • I'm getting annoying messages, how do I block them?

    In such cases, it will be sufficient to use the Block button in the conversation window to prevent receiving messages from the offending user. If you are connecting via the mIRC program, you can use the /ignore alias command to prevent the corresponding alias from sending you a message.

  • Can I connect to chat from phones and tablets?

    Yes, our website is fully mobile compatible, both via a mobile browser and mobile chat You can join the conversation by downloading our app. To download the mobile chat application, you can enter our content with the Mobile Chat menu and use the download link.

  • How can I be authorized?

    Authorization systems are layer by layer. In order to be authorized (op) at the channel level, you can contact the people with the & and ~ sign next to them in the channel list and convey your request. If deemed appropriate, they can authorize you. Again, you can get information from #operhelp channel to be authorized as oper and admin in the server manager layer. However, for this level of access, it is necessary to be a user of the server for a long time and meet some criteria (such as character, loyalty, taking responsibilities, online time).

  • Can we send requests to your radio?

    Of course. For this, you can send your request song to the DJ who is on the air at that moment, using the form of !request singer - song name on the #radio channel. If the DJ is playing a request song, he will try to put you in the queue and place your request song.

  • Injustice is being done, how can I claim my right?

    User satisfaction on our service is our top priority. If you think that any official is unfair to you, you can contact us in the Ask a Question section and let us examine the situation. We want you to know that if your claims are found to be true, the necessary correction will be made.

  • Which commands do what, how can I find out?

    There is an information page that we have created for the commands you may need at a basic level. You can learn about the commands and what they do from the basic irc commands page we have created.