Frequently Asked Questions Ask question

  • How can I connect to the chat rooms?

    It will be enough for you to type your nickname and password (if any) and click/tap on the Login button available on the right on the homepage to connect to the chat rooms.

  • How can I connect without using any browsers?

    You can connect to chat rooms for free by installing SohbetOK mIRC software, which was developed by our software engineers.

  • Do I need to pay a fee to use the chat service?

    No, all the services offered by the website are completely free, and you do not have to pay a penny.

  • Is there any age limitation to connecting to the free chat rooms?

    Yes, there is. Users younger than 18 years old are prohibited from chat services since they can be abused. They will be banned from the chat service as soon as they will be noticed.

  • Someone is sharing my personal information, what should I do?

    When you suffer from such an event or you are notified about it, all you need to do is join the #OPERHELP room and tell the authorities. Considering that people who are obsessed with such actions may repeat this in the future, thus, we recommend taking legal action against them as well. As the Website management, we can share the information about the user who committed this crime when they are requested by the judicial authorities.

  • What are Oper and Admin mean?

    There are different tiers in the chat room. People who connect to the chat rooms without any authority are called users. While the OP is used for users with authority in the chat rooms, users with authority on the entire server are called Oper and those who have more authority over them are called Admin. In another sense, these people are the server managers, and they have comprehensive authority.

  • My nickname is stolen, how can I get it back?

    You can connect to the #OPERHELP room, which is created to seek assistance from server managers, and let them know about it. If you can provide answers to certain questions, which will be asked to confirm your ownership, your stolen nickname will be returned to you.

  • What are the rules to follow in chat rooms?

    What we care about in general is maintaining order and a peaceful environment in chat rooms. Insults, swearing, politics, personal rights harassment, language, religion, or racial discrimination are strictly prohibited. You can read all the rules by using the /rules command when you connect to a chat room and follow them. Keep in mind that we reserve the right to ban users, who do not comply with these rules, from our free chat rooms.

  • I receive messages I don't enjoy reading; how can I block them?

    In such cases, it will be enough for you to right-click on the user and click on the Block button. If you are connecting via the mIRC software, you can block that specific user by using the /ignore (user nickname) command (for example, /ignore catlady).

  • Can I connect to the chat rooms via my smartphone?

    Of course, our website is completely mobile responsive, and you can enjoy free mobile chat via mobile browser or download our mobile chat application. You can click on the download link to download the mobile chat application by visiting the mobile chat application home.

  • How can I be an authorized user in chat rooms?

    The authorization has different levels. You can contact the people with & and ~ signs next to their names on the room lists and inform them about your request to be an OP. If deemed appropriate, they can authorize you. You can get more information about being oper and admin to be server managers in the #operhelp room. However, you need to be a long-time user and meet certain criteria to have this authorization level (such as personality, loyalty, responsibility, and online time).

  • Can I request a song to listen to on your radio?

    Of course. You can submit your request to existing DJs by typing !(artist name) - (song name) on the #radio channel. If the DJ is playing requested songs, he or she will put your song in the queue and try to play it as soon as possible.

  • I'm being treated unfairly, what can I do to protect my rights?

    Our main principles are ensuring the comfort and peace of the users on our servers. If you believe that any authorized user is treating your unfairly, you can contact us via the ask a question section and request assistance. If your claims are found to be true, we would like you to know that all the necessary sanctions will be applied.

  • How can I learn what commands will be useful for me?

    We have an information page about the commands that you may need as a regular user. You can learn more about the commands and their purposes through the Basic IRC Commands page we have created for you.