About us

Who are we ?

By taking the lead of chat rooms that shape chat sites, sohbetok.com was established in 2010, working to set standards for a better order. Sohbetok, which will turn into a passion for its users as well as its managers and even its competitors, and which embodies the best of the field, trust and sincerity, continues its activities with the aim of becoming a great chat site in its own field.

Sohbetok, which operates in four main words as chat, chat, conversation and mobile chat, will also continue to grow with new projects in the current service area.

With more than 80 chat channels and 2 web experts, the Sohbetok website provides its users with superior security, a high level of quality human resources and chat services. Behind the success of Sohbetok.com is a management approach focused on trust and conversation. As a result of this approach, Sohbetok represents Turkey all over the world with its collaborations with reputable sites.

Sohbetok.com has collaborations and partnerships with most chat sites in its field. Sohbetok aims to leave a mark in people's lives and make daily life better while carrying out its work.

The social responsibility of the site is managed with the aim of contributing to the creation of an environment that is constantly moving forward and developing. While acting with the aim of being a pioneer and an example in its field, Sohbetok.com contributes to its work, making friendships and meeting people with each other.

As one of the chat sites in Turkey, sohbetok.com makes the best use of its wide service, information and cooperation network in achieving its goals. With the vision of being a chat site that sets standards and advances by discovery, sohbetok.com continues on its way with friendships and supporters that it believes will be beneficial.