User agreement

The property rights of the pages available on this website belong to the organization. You need to follow certain rules and conditions to take part in this community, which is also our website, and use its services. Users, who do not follow the rules may be exposed to sanctions such as the ban of the user from the website without any prior notice. Following these rules is a sensitive topic.

We do not accept liabilities that may arise due to third persons. You are deemed to accept all these rules by using our services. may offer you nickname registration to offer you better real-time chat opportunities. Users are responsible for providing all the information requested for nickname registration.

Please read all the legal definitions provided in the following. Otherwise, does not accept any responsibilities.

Sohbetok.Com Agreement Conditions

You are deemed to accept all the following conditions by using the services provided by the website.

Please KEEP IN MIND that,

You need to pick a nickname while connecting to chat rooms, you will encounter the “Nickname is in use” message in case that nickname is actively used by another user and you need to pick a different nickname,

After you disconnect from the chat rooms, another person can pick the nickname and use it, people in the chat rooms are just like people like you, you are in a virtual environment and you should not evaluate the content of the chat according to your real life,

The main reason why others are in this chat room is your and their opinions that you can share and thus, you need to share appropriate messages relevant to the topic of the room, you are not alone in the room, you can send private messages or create private rooms for more practical and appropriate use of the system,

You should not change your nickname too often or you should not disturb the peace in the room by uploading a script,

Capital letters in a virtual environment mean yelling and you should not use capitalized words unless necessary!

External Links

Sohbetok.Com's website links to other pages that are not available on its platform. does not accept any responsibility for the content or privacy principles of the websites that it provides links to or promotes with banner ads. Here, linking is the equivalent of nuncupation in law.

1- If you decide to use the services offered by the website, then you are deemed to accept this agreement and its articles. You are also deemed to accept that you use the website for your personal preferences but not commercial purposes. In other words, you will deem to accept that you are subject to the articles shared here by using the services provided by the website and follow these rules with a good deed.

2- You can create an account with the forms offered to you to start chatting on the website. Make sure that this account will not bear any harassment or assault on the rights of others and do not use names or usernames that belong to others. Paying attention to providing information that belongs to you means that you are aware of your personal responsibilities.

3- Our website is offered for the personal use of our users. However, you can contact the authorities to ask for permission to use the website for promotion or ad purposes. You can use the website for promotion or ad purposes only if the website authorities allow you to do so.

4- However, it is prohibited to use the website for illegal purposes such as collecting user addresses or IP addresses. Moreover, reserves the right to take legal actions against users who share the content on other platforms by violating the rights of the creators or violating personal and property rights.

5- We kindly request you to not share the username and password you are going to set while signing up for the website. The responsibility of these totally belongs to you when you set your website username and password. As a user, you are deemed to accept to not share them with others. However, in case you have suspicions about someone using your account in an unauthorized way or your password is acquired by others, you need to contact the authorities without losing any time and you accept to commit these when you are registering to the website.

6- All logos, graphics, and images on the website belong to the website. Sharing them or users’ information on other platforms without prior permission is considered a crime. In these cases, can resort to the use of its rights.

7- It is prohibited to violate the safety guidelines, swear to others, violate their rights, express opinions on topics such as politics, use offensive words about these topics, or offending words targeted at public goods or people through chat rooms. Users are deemed to accept these and in case of any violation, cannot be held responsible. The responsibility totally belongs to the user, who acts this way.

8- It is prohibited to sell your profile or ask for profiles from others, asking for nude photos from other users and violating their rights.

9- provides a platform just for chatting purposes. Users’ own ideas, thoughts, and opinions have no association with does not verify the personal opinions of the users and does not confirm the truth of the ads in case of any ad posting. cannot be held responsible for any content that is under the responsibility of the users such as these and similar ones.

10- is not responsible for any idea loss, opinion sharing, or personal data loss that may happen on the website.