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The property rights of the pages on this website belong to the responsible institution of In order to take part in and use this community, which is our website, you must comply with certain rules and conditions. Persons who do not comply with the rules may be subject to sanctions such as removal from the site without warning. Compliance with the code of conduct is an important issue.

We are not responsible for any third party or persons. By participating in this site, you agree to all content. may offer you a nickname registration request in order to provide real-time chat facilities. Users are obliged to provide the information to be requested for pseudonym registration in a complete form.

Please read the full legal definitions below. Otherwise, does not accept responsibility.

Sohbetok.Com Contract terms

By using this website, you agree to all the terms written below.

When entering chat rooms, you need to choose a nickname for yourself.

After you leave the chat rooms, someone else can choose and use the nickname you have chosen, The people in the chat rooms are real people like you, You are in the virtual environment and the conversations made here cannot always be evaluated in real life,

The main reason why others are in this room is you and the thoughts they can share with you, and therefore you should write appropriate and relevant messages on the names of the chat rooms, You are not alone in the room, you can send a private message or open a private room for the system to work comfortably and correctly,

You should constantly change nicknames or you should not disturb the environment of the room by throwing scripts,

REMEMBER that capital letters symbolize shouting in a virtual environment and do not use capital letters unless necessary!

External Links

The Sohbetok.Com website provides links to different internet addresses from its pages. is not responsible for the content or privacy principles of the sites to which it links or promotes banners. The linking process mentioned here is legally considered as "referencing".

1- If you decide to use the site, you are responsible for this agreement and its terms. In addition, by using the site; Except for commercial purposes, you are deemed to have accepted in accordance with your own personal preferences. In short, by using the site, you will be deemed to be subject to these rules and legally accepting to comply with the principles of behavior in line with these rules.

2- You will be able to create an account through the forums offered to you in order to chat on the site. Be careful not to use other people's names and user names and that your account is not an attack on someone else's rights and law. Paying attention to the fact that the information you enter belongs to you means that you are aware of your legal responsibilities.

3- Our site,, has been established for our users to personally benefit from the site. However, you can also request usage permissions for promotional and advertising purposes by contacting officials. As long as the site authorities allow you, you can use the site for advertisements and promotions.

4- However, it is strictly forbidden to take illegal actions such as collecting the user addresses and IP addresses of others. However, as a result of sharing the content in other places outside the framework of rights and law, violating the property right, reserves the right to take necessary legal actions.

5- You are kindly requested not to share your participant user name and password, which you will create during login to the site, with others. When you create your site user and password, you have full rights. As a user, you agree not to share it with others. However, in cases where you suspect that your account is being used without permission, if your password is captured by others, you must contact the officials of without wasting time, and you undertake this when you become a member.

6- The logos, graphics and pictures on the site belong to It is completely considered a crime to share or share users' information in other places without permission. In this case, can use all its legal rights.

7- It is forbidden to pay attention to the security rules on the site, to swear at others, to violate their legal rights or to express opinions on politics and politics through the chat, to use offensive words about these issues, and to say offensive words to public property or persons. is not responsible in cases where users accept these rules, but still cause problems. Responsibility rests entirely with the users who act.

8- It is forbidden to sell profiles or request profiles from others, to request nude photos from other users in connection with these, and to violate their rights and laws.

9- has opened the site for people to use it purely for chat purposes. Users' own ideas, thoughts and opinions do not have any connection with does not confirm the opinions of the users here, and does not accept the accuracy of advertisements. cannot be held responsible for any content on this site that is under the responsibility of users.

10- is not responsible for the loss of ideas, sharing of thoughts, loss of personal data that may occur from the site.